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I am Mina Jeong, the CEO & Managing Director of M&K PR.
Established in 2002, Min Communications has steadily developed along with clients as a dedicated and reliable PR company. We have focused on building a systematic PR system, developing education programs and a working process to more than meet the needs of clients in order to achieve our two goals – success of clients, growth and happiness of our employees. As a result, we have been recognized by clients as their long-term strategic partner, making our professionals feel proud of having a professional and rewarding job at the workplace where they build their career as a PR expert.
In 2016, Min Communications has determined dynamic changes and changed its name to 'M&K PR’ instead of Min Communications. With re-branding as a total PR consulting firm, M&K PR will expand its arena toward various areas.
We formulate PR strategies and implement PR programs to help our clients to make a real difference by keeping challenging ourselves. We say: “No problem. Anything else?” We are always learning for continued improvement, accepting the latest technology and trend and taking a new approach. We will remain committed to becoming a role model company contributing to the development of the local PR industry by generating more successful PR cases and cultivating PR professionals. Please join us today for your happy success.

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  • Provider of Eco-friendly Lifestyle Customized to Korean Consumer’s Living
  • Attention on KitchenAid as it Lands in Korea
  • ‘Drink up without any worries’ campaign
  • Extend target and increasing followers of Almond Breeze
  • Xiaomi ‘Redmi Note 8T’ Launch Media Conference
  • VlogWithSony Campaign Launch
    Turning the Korean camera mega trend into ‘One-man media era’ for Sony Korea
  • Always be Immersed in Sound with Sony Korea

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M&K PR’s vision is “Making Each Day Better by Learning from Experience of the Preceding Day.”
As a PR firm, we pride ourselves for providing clients with solutions that best suit their needs.

Whether it is corporate communications, brand awareness or acquiring new consumers.
We have an expert for each request.

To make that possible we hire the best talents and provide opportunities to work with the best team and leadership to learn and grow as industry professionals.

If you are an aspiring young professional looking to work with us, find out more about available job roles by clicking the button  below.

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