M&K PR, 공공정책 PR 서비스 강화 위해 Public 부문 신설

M&K PR, 공공정책 PR 서비스 강화 위해 Public 부문 신설

2017.01.18 — M&K PR(공동대표 정민아 윤용로, www.mnkpr.com)은 공공정책 PR을 전담하는 M&K Public 부문을 신설하고, 부문장으로 정지현 이사를 선임했다고 밝혔다. M&K PR은 이번 Public 부문 신설을 계기로 공공 정책 과제 컨설팅 및 정책 홍보 프로젝트 실행부터 공공 부문 이슈 및 위기 관리에 이르기까지 서비스 분야를 점차 확대해 나갈 계획이다. 특히, 빠르게 변화하고 있는 미디어 환경 및 공중의 콘텐츠 소비 행태의 변화를 반영한 캠페인을 통해 정부 부처 및 공공기관의 대국민 소통 강화를 적극 지원할 예정이다.
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MIN Communications & SMC Join Hands,
Forming M&K PR Consulting

MIN Communications & SMC Joins Hands, Forming M&K PR Consulting

MIN Communications and SMC, both fast-growing PR and digital marketing firms in South Korea, today announced the two agencies have merged and formed M&K PR Consulting. Mina Jeong from MIN and Yongroh Yoon from SMC have appointed as co-CEO of the company. Combined, M&K PR Consulting now employs more than 60 full-time communications experts, securing comprehensive client portfolio – IT, automotive, consumers, CE, and governmental & public sectors. Read More →

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Hello and welcome.
I am Mina Jeong, the CEO & Managing Director of M&K PR.
Established in 2002, Min Communications has steadily developed along with clients as a dedicated and reliable PR company. We have focused on building a systematic PR system, developing education programs and a working process to more than meet the needs of clients in order to achieve our two goals – success of clients, growth and happiness of our employees. As a result, we have been recognized by clients as their long-term strategic partner, making our professionals feel proud of having a professional and rewarding job at the workplace where they build their career as a PR expert.
In 2016, Min Communications has determined dynamic changes and changed its name to 'M&K PR’ instead of Min Communications. With re-branding as a total PR consulting firm, M&K PR will expand its arena toward various areas.
We formulate PR strategies and implement PR programs to help our clients to make a real difference by keeping challenging ourselves. We say: “No problem. Anything else?” We are always learning for continued improvement, accepting the latest technology and trend and taking a new approach. We will remain committed to becoming a role model company contributing to the development of the local PR industry by generating more successful PR cases and cultivating PR professionals. Please join us today for your happy success.

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We know the right approach and direction for the global platforms to conduct PR activities at all level

Blockchain technology, one of the most important innovations of the 21st Century, came into limelight as the Next Generation Internet. Waves Platform, a Global Public Blockchain Platform, recently partnered with M&K PR to raise brand awareness and highlight its ongoing passion and leadership in the blockchain industry. Read More →

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We Have The Best Platform for Global IT Companies to Launch in Korea

Some companies, who have globally strong presence but unknown in Korea, selected M&K PR to launch successfully with local media and local influential leveraging M&K PR platform which can easily make clients get success. Oberthur looked for the partner for the first time media event in Korea. Read More →

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We Know ‘How to PR’ for Platform Companies.

M&K PR has strong experience for platform companies to get a broad base of support -building ecosystem and managing potential issues. M&K PR proposed building Key Opinion Leader (KOL) group for sharing economy and arranged a lot of meeting with key media and key influencers focusing as “experience platform” and coordinated key influencers’ trip experiencing “Airbnb”. Read More →

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Johnnie Walker Pop-Up Bar Event

Johnnie Walker is one of the most well-known Scottish blended whisky brands globally, the image of Johnnie Walker has been formed with old-fashioned with less trendy position. Therefore, transforming Johnnie Walker brand to more vibrant and trendy images and re-position JW’s image as passionate and progressive way were top criteria for this event. Read More →

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Tefal Beauty Creator Contest

Tefal (Groupe SEB Korea) held ‘Tefal Beauty Creator Contest’ on November 2015 to celebrate successful launch of Tefal Beauty. The project is aiming to communicate with target consumers of haircare products with innovative image through SNS and on-line, keeping pace with the new trend of MCN(Multi Channel Network) in Korea. Those who want to participate in the contest were asked to upload their Youtube video at Tefal brand micro-site. Total of 142 videos were submitted in the first round, introducing their own creative hairstyling. Read More →

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Volvo Trucks Asia Premier Launching

Volvo Trucks New FH, FM, FMX series were introduced in Korea representing Asia Pacific regions in May 12th, 2014 at Volvo Dome, Walkerhill. While 1,600 overseas journalists and customers were invited, the event was held with diverse performance and programs which highlight the new models effectively. The program consists of photo session, speeches and introductions of each models, performance, Q&A sessions, and interviews. Read More →

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