Luxury Scotch Whisky

Johnnie Walker Pop-Up Bar Event

Though, as everyone may know, Johnnie Walker is one of the most well-known Scottish blended whisky brands globally, the image of Johnnie Walker has been formed with old-fashioned with less trendy position. Therefore, transforming Johnnie Walker brand to more vibrant and trendy images and re-position JW’s image as passionate and progressive way were top criteria for this event.

The pop-up bar opened in November 2015, at Café Art C, Sinsa-dong Garosu Gil where one of the trendy and hippest places among young people. “3-Phased, Integrated media plan” including press release, photo event and open event was prepared to maximize media coverage and make buzz during the whole operation period.

First of all, to appeal to Johnnie Walker’s new target customers who are 25-40s and directly deliver Pop-Up Bar’s young and vibrant image to them directly photo event was prepared. And those images were spread out with all media channels (Daily, Online, Monthly, Industrial media) through SP service with press release right before the official opening event.

Moreover, on the official opening day, three different events was planned for VIPs (Industry influencer, Monthly magazines’ editors, Power bloggers) considering each target’s characteristic to maximize brand engagements by providing experience of trendy way of consuming Johnnie Walker. As a result, total 67 media coverage including national and business daily feature article on monthly magazine.

In addition, to maintain its momentum and increase visitor, several magazine Collaboration was carried out. Through those collaborations, the amount of online buzz was created to maximize its exposure to Johnnie Walker’s core target. Leveraging monthly media’s assets including online influencer and FB follower was considerably successful, which also brought about additional feature article opportunities.

Tefal Beauty

Tefal Beauty Creator Contest

Tefal (Groupe SEB Korea) held ‘Tefal Beauty Creator Contest’ on November 2015 to celebrate successful launch of Tefal Beauty. The project is aiming to communicate with target consumers of haircare products with innovative image through SNS and on-line, keeping pace with the new trend of MCN(Multi Channel Network) in Korea.

Those who want to participate in the contest were asked to upload their Youtube video at Tefal brand micro-site. Total of 142 videos were submitted in the first round, introducing their own creative hairstyling. Through the For second round, 30 people were selected and requested to upload 2 Youtube videos using Tefal Beauty products. Finally, top 5 applicants are chosen and invited to compete on the final stage with internet live broadcasting via Youtube, Facebook, and ‘Happy Tefal’.

The final was held at one of cultural café in Seoul. The top 5 were required to choose among 3 main products and present hair styling tip during 10-minutes on live feeds. Judge members are composed of Tefal Beauty product manager, 1 star hair designer and 2 specialists of MCN agencies for diverse opinions.

A Grand Prize was awarded for the best competitor and others were awarded for best usage of the product, creativity, popularity and styling. Power bloggers and video bloggers were invited and watched the show, voted for their favorite competitor on ‘Happy Tefal.’

Through this special event, Groupe SEB Korea continues spreading product information and its value generating online video materials which introduce the brand and products’ benefit. Also, the contest was publicized via diverse channels including Tefal micro site, on-line blogs, SNS(Social Network Service) channels such as Facebook and Youtube, and off line consumer media. In addition, a total of 12 articles were generated on various media as a result of news release, and special articles were covered on a monthly magazine sketching the on-site event, and a daily newspaper highlighting this new effort for brand marketing.

Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks Asia Premier Launching

Volvo Trucks New FH, FM, FMX series were introduced in Korea representing Asia Pacific regions in May 12th, 2014 at Volvo Dome, Walkerhill. While 1,600 overseas journalists and customers were invited, the event was held with diverse performance and programs which highlight the new models effectively. The program consists of photo session, speeches and introductions of each models, performance, Q&A sessions, and interviews.

As the event is a tipping point for Volvo Trucks to reach the next level, to maximize media exposure highlighting the new models features, technology and design considerably higher attention was required. As a result, the event received vast attention and interest from media with more than 132 journalists from 92 media attended (including 10 TV, 21 Nationwide General Daily, and 40 Nationwide Business Daily) and 217 result coverage were generated. The size of media participation is unprecedented even in popular imported passenger car brands. On top of that 4 different interviews of with Volvo Trucks’ executives were carried out with domestic and foreign influential media such as Chosun Ilbo, Korea Times, Bloomberg, and Car Life.

In addition, the next day of the launching event, the inauguration event of Volvo Trucks Distribution Center was held. Volvo Trucks’ new distribution center is the most advanced multiplex site with Volvo Truck’s willingness for customer satisfaction as the first priority. As a result, total 98 articles were covered by media for this event.

Moreover, one week after from the launching event, Volvo Trucks prepared test drive event for press to help media’s understanding on the new products. More than 80 media from business daily, magazine, online and trade media took part in the event. The test event as well was successful with exceptional participation and positive response from the media.

Through those series of event, Volvo Trucks successfully launch new model to reinforce its positioning as an industry leader in Korea. Most importantly, increased media attention towards commercial vehicle industry was created since there was much lower interest and understanding in commercial trucks than passenger cars.

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