M&K PR Has The Best Platform for
Global IT Companies To Launch in Korea

Some companies, who have globally strong presence but unknown in Korea, selected M&K PR to launch successfully with local media and local influential leveraging M&K PR’ platform which can easily make clients get success.

Oberthur Technologies, French Technology Company, wanted to highlight their Korean R&D center launch. Oberthur had been an unknown company in Korea. Oberthur looked for the partner for the first time media event in Korea. M&K PR has the platform for the brand-new company in Korea – we know the right approach, direction and media. M&K PR strategically positioned Oberthur as the cutting-edge “FIN TECH Company” and arranged two interviews with Chosun Ilbo and Joongang Ilbo, which is the largest and second largest Korea media and held a press conference. With M&K PR’ Platform for IT brands, Oberthur got 36 the coverage including Chosun Ilbo and Joongna Ilbo in July, 2015. On September 22, Korean Prime minister, Kyo-An Hwang, visited France and visited only two French companies – Oberthur Technology and Dassault Systems, all of which are M&K PR’ clients.

M&K PR knows How to PR for Platform companies.

M&K PR has strong experience for platform companies to get a broad base of support -building ecosystem and managing potential issues.

M&K PR proposed building Key Opinion Leader (KOL) group for sharing economy and arranged a lot of meeting with key media and key influencers focusing as “experience platform” and coordinated key influencers’ trip experiencing “Airbnb”. Also M&K PR keenly does monitoring about negative news and opinion about sharing economy. Second was Criteo, which is an advertising platform. M&K PRsuggested industry seminar for Advertiser and developed KOL media group with education. At the contracting with Criteo, MIN COMMUNICATIONS had a difficulty in finding right journalists but now a lot of media and journalists ask us more information about Criteo and think the company as the cutting-edge tech platform firm. Third was RedHat. M&K PR thought open source could be a hero in the cloud era. So M&K PR would like to position RedHat as Cloud Platform Company and pitched RedHat as the new leader in Cloud era and developed lots of bylined articles. Some articles said “Open source has been the first sharing economy since 1990’s. The success factor of sharing economy is the platform of controlling quality.” The articles applauded RedHat and Airbnb with platform of controlling quality.

Our work for Consumer Brands

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