‘Drink up without any worries’ campaign

Client’s Challenge

  • Creating new momentum in growth by expanding targets (2030 Female à 2030 Male & Female), shifting positions (Diet drink, called ‘몸짱밀크’ – a healthy daily drink), increasing broad awareness and vamping up sales with celebrity endorsement campaign
  • According to 2018 consumer brand index research, 7 out of 10, 2029 Females know Almond Breeze in Korea, but targets should be gradually expanded to 3039 males & females who have buying power

M&K’s Strategy

  • With male celebrity endorsement campaign, growth in awareness especially among new target segment of 3039 male & female
  • To shift positions from diet drink, called ‘몸짱밀크’ – a healthy daily drink, made Digital Video Campaign talking about Almond Breeze as a healthy lifestyle, not just as a low calories drink or dietary supplement
  • Showing Almond Breeze in Daily Life with 3 series ADs: Home, Gym, Office
  • Channel: Media mix considering the lifestyles of 3039 males & females (Focus on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram ADs)
  • AD material: To reduce the boredom of continuous exposure, males and females are shown different version of Ads monthly

Client’s Success

  • Brand survey of Almond Breeze shows a high level of agreement between ‘good for health’ and ‘loves young people’
  • Media Target Reach: Targeting 70,300,000+ Impressions in total until Aug 2019, 36,508,406 Impressions as of July 24 (109.23%)
  • The easy yet engaging consumer event was an absolute success as the channel collected more than 1,000 followers within 1 month scoring reaction 2 times more than before starting ‘Drink up without any worries’ campaign with model JOOWON


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