Extend target and increasing followers of Almond Breeze

Client’s Challenge

  • Almond Breeze, the leader in the plant-based drinks, has pioneered the market as a diet drink, but needed to expand targets.
  • According to the Korea Consumer Brand Recognition Survey 2018, 70 percent of women in 2029 are aware of Almond Breeze but want to gradually expand their market.

M&K’s Strategy

  • M&K started branding and strategically aligning key message “Healthy daily beverage Stories” to position Almond Breeze as a daily beverage brand and expand targets to 3039 men and women with high purchasing power.
  • Deployed various consumer engagement activities for Modisumer, Funsumer including producing limited edition marketing promotional materials, called Lucky Box including seasonal item.
  • Continuous and trendy 2-way communication with followers and increasing followers through content advertising.

Client’s Success

  • The easy yet engaging consumer event was an absolute success as the Insgagram channel collected more than 4,400 followers within 10 months. (Scored double)
  • Raised UGC contents and collected followers through various marketing activities for Modisumer, Funsumer:
    1. Almond Breeze Home Cafe Friends, as a Modisumer, has successfully showcased various recipes and videos such as Almond Breeze Ice flake and Black Sugar Bubble Tea. Collected +12,900 View, +3,000 Like, +500 Comments.
    2. Raised Almond Breeze brand awareness with food influencer and introduce a variety of use cases. Collected +800 View, +3,500 likes, +400 comments.
    3. Almond Breeze Workout crew has successfully introduced Almond Breeze Nutriplus Protein on Instagram. Collected +1,300 Like, +100 Comments.
    4. With the lucky box, 4 events had occurred, resulting total +5,600‬‬ of Instagram/Facebook applicants & +1,200 Instagram followers. Also Retained Almond Breeze’s recognition and high response through the “Lucky Box Seeding” of Influence on Instagram.


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