Provider of Eco-friendly Lifestyle Customized to Korean Consumer’s Living

Client’s Challenge

  • Low brand and product awareness within the domestic market despite long brand history
  • Domestic & tumbler market saturation and number of rival companies such as Lock & Lock, Glasslock/Samkwang, Corkcicle, Stanley
  • Need for brand differentiation due to an increase in the number of products with similar design and low cost products
  • Need for issue diversification due to Fall/Winter seasonal issue focus based on ‘heat-retaining’ perception
  • Consumer’s lack of understanding in the need for tumbler

M&K’s Strategy

  • Aim for brand and product awareness improvement through brand PR such as CEO and executive interviews
  • Expand the range of target media by building positive relationship with main dailies and Economics journalists
  • Brand and product awareness improvement by continuously developing creative contents and making use of primary momentums

Client’s Success

  • Successful online and offline publish accomplished through pitching main dailies and Economics magazines
  • Increase in average publication of feature and coverage
  • Improvement in overall brand and product awareness through increase in PR activities: From low awareness as tumbler and vacuum flask brand to Kids Food Container, Heat-retaining lunch box and Kids products brand
  • Expand in magazine exposure range: From the original main target, Fashion, Living, Housewives magazine to Men’s magazine and Food/Drink Magazines


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