Xiaomi ‘Redmi Note 8T’ Launch Media Conference

Client’s Challenge

  • To announce the launch of first NFC supported Xiaomi’s quad camera smartphone Redmi Note 8T in Korea
  • To host a distinct launching event to highlight the new product as well as the brand itself
  • To establish as much coverage as possible, despite the small amount of reporters invited to the event

M&K’s Strategy

  • Secure high-quality coverages by strategically selecting top tier journalists and media photographers as well as hiring a model
  • Localize press releases and presentation files with key Xiaomi messages to fully inform the Korean media with the objectives and expectation of the launching event
  • Provide on-site support and prompt follow-up to minimize any unexpected difficulties and/or complaints
  • Create continuous buzz on online and social media even after the event

Client’s Success

  • Garnered approximately 90+ coverages online and in prints delivering key narratives of the Redmi Note 8T, which is “The Most Cost-Efficient Quad Camera Smartphone“
  • Attended journalists uploaded their product reviews and hands-on experience on media outlets and even on social media
  • Redmi Note 8T positioned as the alternative choice in the Korean smartphone market


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