Communication Consulting

M&K PR is a leading public relations firm in Korea.
With our deep domain-specific knowledge, PR industry savvy, proven track record, acute insights and out-of-the-box thinking, we help build strong corporate reputations and highly regarded brands for our clients. We provide a complete range of public relations, public affairs, management and advisory services. When we conduct a research, we drill deeper, sharing insights that help clients protect their reputation and brand value. Our professional team has an inside perspective on our clients’ true business needs, providing them with the advanced knowledge and cutting-edge capabilities to meet those needs.

1. Strategic Communications

We also know that clear and credible messages can be delivered most effectively if we assist our clients’ spokespersons in enhancing their verbal and non-verbal communication skills. That’s why we offer training for clients to convey appropriate messages in media interviews and presentations.

2. Investor Relations

We provide strategic counsel to established companies seeking to enhance their access to domestic and international capital markets. The combination of our capital markets expertise, investment community relationships, financial writing skills and our media relations savvy enables us to provide our clients with integrated campaigns that effectively get their message to the investment community.
Message development training assists you in crafting concise, targeted messages that support your company’s goals and teaches you ways to effectively communicate those messages.

3. Media Training – Spokesperson Training

Our program emphasizes key message delivery strategies, techniques for dealing with pit bull reporters, counterpunch methods for handling tricky questions and tactics how to avoid confrontations and communicate effectively without getting embarrassed. The education program includes:

Understanding Korean Media Environment/ Message development/ On-camera interviews/ On-camera analyses/ Press conferences/ Identification, development and delivery of key messages.

Trainer: Mina Jeong
Over 17 years, Mina has been conducting media training sessions for the top-level executives from multinational companies such as Oracle Korea, Stokke Korea and Citrix. Especially Oracle Korea regularly holds media training sessions twice a year for new executives. Over the last five years, Mina has provided media training sessions for Oracle executives.

Sep 2015 – Oracle Korea – 1 Day Session – 12 executives
Sep 2015 – Redhat Korea – Half- Day Session – 4 executives
Dec 2014 – Citrix Korea – Half-Day Session – 3 executives
Nov 2014 – Oracle Korea – 1 Day Session – 14 executives
Sep 2014 – Akamai Korea – Half-Day Session – 4 executives
May 2014 – GSK Korea – 2 Day Session – 5 people from consumer division
Mar 2014 – Oracle Korea – 1 Day Session – 16 executives
Feb 2014 – MapR Korea – Half–Day Session – 1 CM and 2 SEs
Nov 2013– Oracle Korea – 1 Day Session – 15 executives
Sep 2013 – Vormetric Korea – Half–Day Session – new CM
Jul 2013 – Citrix Korea – Half–day session – 3 SEs
Mar 2013– Oracle Korea – 1 Day Session – 14 executives
Dec 2012– Oracle Korea – 1 Day Session – 13 executives
Nov 2012– Stokke Korea – Half Day Session – new CM
Mar 2012– Oracle Korea – 1 Day Session – 14 executives
July 2011– Oracle Korea – 1 Day Session – 15 executives
May 2011 – Citrix Korea – Half–day session – new CM
Mar 2011– Oracle Korea – 1 Day Session – 12 executives
Mar 2010 – A–motion – Half Day Session – 4 executives
Jan 2010 – Oracle Korea – 1 Day Session – 16 executives

Message development training assists you in crafting concise, targeted messages that support your company’s goals and teaches you ways to effectively communicate those messages.

4. Reputation Management

Reputation is company’s most important asset. We can help your company strengthen and manage its reputation. A decisively implemented program engages authoritative third-party influencers and helps persuade customers, employees, investors, and other audiences to behave in their enlightened self-interest. The goal is for our clients to develop a reputation for expertise and leading-edge with media and industry leaders.

5. Issues Management

M&K PR possesses a capability to grasp and synthesize complex and technical material from clients, shaping ideas into issues that are interesting and understandable to the media and their audiences. We identify vulnerabilities and develop strategies and communications procedures while building essential alliances and instituting monitoring systems to track and identify developing issues. We strive to seize control of crisis situations and manage communications, to help prevent problems and issues from escalating and spiraling out of control.

6. Crisis Management

M&K PR focuses on developing the mind-set, skills and infrastructure necessary to isolate and neutralize crises before they ignite in the marketplace. We manage and minimize damage from unexpected crises and protect brand equity, corporate credibility and the bottom line.

7. Corporate Brand Building

To profitably manage their brands, companies need as much intelligence as possible about their brands’ performance and potential. A company’s brand is its first line of communication with target audiences and can carry enormous weight. A brand’s strength can be the deciding factor in a consumer’s decision to purchase or enlist services. M&K PR has produced a suite of creative marketing and research tools that help brands differentiate themselves in an era of cynicism, reduced attention spans, and remote controls.

8. CEO Brand Building

It is commonly believed that a CEO shapes the destiny of the company. In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, a CEO’s reputation is more important than ever. M&K PR has a strong commitment to insight-based communications and we have undertaken landmark studies on CEO reputation and its impact on corporate reputation.

9. Product Brand Building

M&K PR ‘ product marketing adds significant, measurable value to our clients’ brands. To achieve such results, we implement strategic programs targeting key audiences and set our clients apart in a marketplace that is increasingly cluttered and confusing to corporations and consumers alike. In addition to our marketing communications, M&K PR has media relations and special-event-planning capabilities,

2. Media Relations

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4. Marketing Campaign

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