Media Relations Process

The public relations process is a method for solving problems. It has four phases: Research and Analysis, Objectives, Programming and Evaluation. Each phase may be tuned to the demands of different audiences or publics, including employees, members, customers, local communities, shareholders, and, most commonly, the news media.

1) Research

Research consists of three aspects of the general public relations practice. First, public relations practitioners must be thoroughly familiar with their clients. Background data about the client or organization is an essential starting point for any effective PR program. Second, a logical outgrowth of knowledge of the clients consists of clearly determining why the organization should perform a particular PR program at a certain time. The third aspect of research focuses on investigating target audiences or “publics.” This involves identifying the particular groups that should be targeted, determining appropriate research data that will be useful in communicating with these publics, and compiling or processing the data using appropriate research procedures.

2) Objectives

Objectives represent the practitioner’s desired outcomes in communicating with targeted publics. There are two types of objectives: impact objectives can be measured through the use of clipping services and broadcast news monitoring services. The outcomes are appraised by how many media outlets actually covered the announcement or special event. Output objectives measure actual attendance or ticket sales at the event itself.

3) Programming

Public relations programming includes the following elements of planning and execution:
Stating a theme and the messages to be communicated to the audiences
Planning the action or special events sponsored by the client
Planning the use of the media, either uncontrolled or controlled
Effectively communicating the program.

4) Evaluation

It is commonly believed that evaluation should be conducted as the final stage of the PR process. At M&K PR, evaluation is an ongoing process of monitoring and it becomes the final assessment of the stated objectives of the PR program. Our practitioners actively involve themselves with evaluation at intervals during the execution, allowing us to adjust programs if necessary.

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