Management Team

Mina Jeong | Founder & CEO

Mina is a founder, CEO and managing director of M&K PR, one of the leading PR firm in Korea. With Mina’s leadership, M&K PR has grown from a small IT PR firm into the largest technology communications agency in Korea. Also, she guided the company to earn the reputation as a pioneer in digital communications. Her unique approach to digital PR – integrated message delivering through combining blog, video, SNS, communities and etc. – is recognized as the most innovative and cost-effective way in PR 2.0 era among local communications experts. Over the decade, Mina has served as a senior consultant to global leading companies in IT industry such as Oracle, Citrix, Dassault Systemes, FireEye and Intel. Mina herself is recognized as a reliable communications advisor to executives, journalists and influencers in the local technology industry, particularly among multinational companies who want to enter the Korean market. Many multinational companies have been benefited from her expertise and experience to their successful entry to the Korean market. Mina has lead hundreds of PR campaigns for a variety of clients, mainly for the global IT and tech companies and helped client’s business growth in the Korean market. Mina graduated from Ewha Women’s University and majored in PR and Advertising.


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Yong-Ro Yoon | Founder & President

YR is a truly authentic pioneer and professional communicator in domestic communication consulting field with over 28 years of field experience from 1998 when the PR consulting business has took root in Korea with the ‘Seoul Olympic’.

YR’s expertise encompasses different aspects of strategic communications in various industries including auto, manufacturing, IT, consumer goods, finance and pharmaceutical and has provided insightful communication strategy to leading global/Korean companies, small and mid-sized enterprises, startup companies, government and public organizations. YR’s rational and instinctive analytical talents have driven her lifetime field expertise based on wide range of experiences for 28 years. Taking these valuable assets as unequaled strength, YR has served as a successful business partner with not only right communication strategies and direction but also creative ideas and differentiated programs.

YR has provided her field expertise to numerous imported auto brands including Renault Samsung Motors, GM, Chrysler, Jeep, Wrangler, Fiat, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo, Jaguar, Porsche, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce. Thus, the auto related field expertise has expanded to wider industries such as Volvo Trucks, Volvo Construction Equipment. In addition, based on years of auto industry expertise and knowhows, YR has unparalleled expertise from lubricant and tire, auto engine manufacturing industry including Mobil, Castrol, Hankook Shell Oil Company and Tenergy.

YR’s experiences include various field; Finance (Citi Bank, AIG Insurance, PCA Life), IT & Industry (Intel, Cisco, Adobe, Autodesk, Ericsson-LG, SIEMENS, Alstom), Customer Goods (Tefal, Johnnie Walker, Coca Cola, Gore-Tex, Philip Morris, Ferragamo) Government and Public Organizations (Korea Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Seoul City Hall, Korea Creative Content Agency, Korea Engineering and Consulting Association).

Sujin Park | Managing Director

Sujin has served as a communication specialist to the various global brands on industrial and consumer fields such as Renault Samsung Motors, DaimlerChrysler, Volvo Construction Equipment Korea, Volvo Trucks Korea, AIG, Tefal, Cutty Sark, Johnnie Walker, and also local companies

With the commitment and deep understanding about the companies and brands, she played the central role of strategic consulting in communications and delivered the meaningful results for the company’s growth. Her various experiences of communication activities such as Advertisement, International Convention Planning, Internal Communication, Events has supported her passions and specialties in the communication field. Sujin graduated from Ewha Womans University and majored in Political Science and Diplomatic.


We Are A Dedicated And Reliable PR Company

Established in 2002, M&K PR has steadily developed along with clients as a dedicated and reliable PR company. We have focused on building a systematic PR system, developing education programs and a working process to more than meet the needs of clients in order to achieve our two goals – success of clients, growth and happiness of our employees. Read More →


We Know What The Best Is And We Make IT Possible

Working as a partner for renowned global companies, M&K PR has continued to build on its expertise in information technology and to expand PR services to global automakers and various B2C brands in Korea. Read More →

Vision & Core Values

Making The World More Convenient And Happier.

M&K PR focuses on platform – consists of 3P Mindset, 3C attitude and 3C core value. As a PR professional, we’re always so proud of helping clients succeed in their business and communicate their value. In addition, we can develop our capability and our co-worker’s potential ability. Read More →