Management Team


Mina Jeong

Founder & CEO

Mina Jeong is Founder and Managing Director at Allison+Partners Korea (former Min Communication). For almost two decades, she has overseen M&K’s operations and helped global companies expand their business presence and build reputation in the Korean market.

Mina has served as a senior consultant to global leading companies in IT industry. Mina has worked with global tech giants such as Oracle (June 2002 – May 2017), Microsoft (May 2012 – June 2016), Intel (Oct 2015 - Sep 2018), Dassault Systems (Jan. 2008 – present), Red Hat (Apr 2010 – present) and as well as promising startups such as Airbnb (Mar 2014 – May 2016), Shutterstock (Jan 2017-present), and Pure Storage(May 2013 - present).

Mina herself is recognized as a reliable communications advisor to executives, journalists and influencers in the local technology industry, particularly among multinational companies who want to enter the Korean market. Many multinational companies have been benefited from her expertise and experience to their successful entry to the Korean market.

Also, Her unique approach to digital PR – integrated message delivering through combining blog, video, SNS, communities and etc. – is recognized as the most innovative and cost-effective way in PR 2.0 era among local communications experts.


    Shawn Yun

    Vice President, Digital Marketing

    Shawn Yun is a seasoned marketing professional with extensive experience in the area of digital & advertising, promotion, channel marketing and event management on local and regional level.

    His extensive lead generation experience covers digital marketing, A.I based Ads and user experience, integrated offline/ online campaigns and partner programs.

    Shawn held positions as account manager at IDG (International Data Group), and senior account manager at Wunderman, a global digital agency. During his 6 year tenure there, Shawn worked on Microsoft, KT, Cisco, Nike, Nissan & Infiniti among many others focusing on customer acquisition and retention, both online and offline. He also performed core task when WWH launched in Korea winning digital marketing program of key client Baxter.

    He also worked in house as a Korea marketing manager at Dassault Systems SolidWorks Korea and served as a Korea Territory Manager at Onshape cloud solution. This experience on both sides of the industry allows him to understand the needs of clients and match them with the best possible agency solutions.

      Mina Jeong, the CEO of M&K PR, co-authored two books on Blockchain and PR Insights

      [REWIND: Historical Moments with PR Insights] (November 2019) and [BLOCKCHAIN to Master in One Night] (March 2018)

      Mina Jeong, the CEO of M&K PR, the leading technology PR agency in Korea, and the Chair of Korea Public Relations Consultancy Association, has written an analysis of the 2010 G20 Seoul Summit, a pinnacle in Korea’s PR history for REWIND: Historical Moments with PR Insights (November 2019).

      She also co-authored Blockchain to Master in One Night with Mark Gates, a Silicon Valley technical writer, which is the beginner’s guide to Blockchain technology exploring 70 key questions and answers. The book addresses benefits and potential uses along with the risks and disadvantages together, offering balanced understanding into Blockchain technology. The book went into its second printing three weeks after its release.

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      We Are A Dedicated And Reliable PR Company

      Established in 2002, M&K PR has steadily developed along with clients as a dedicated and reliable PR company. We have focused on building a systematic PR system, developing education programs and a working process to more than meet the needs of clients in order to achieve our two goals – success of clients, growth and happiness of our employees. Read More →


      We Know What The Best Is And We Make IT Possible

      Working as a partner for renowned global companies, M&K PR has continued to build on its expertise in information technology and to expand PR services to global automakers and various B2C brands in Korea. Read More →

      Vision & Core Values

      Making The World More Convenient And Happier.

      M&K PR focuses on platform – consists of 3P Mindset, 3C attitude and 3C core value. As a PR professional, we’re always so proud of helping clients succeed in their business and communicate their value. In addition, we can develop our capability and our co-worker’s potential ability. Read More →