M&K PR’ vision is “Making the world more convenient and happier.” As a professional PR firm, we want target audiences to engage the technologies and products, which make the world more convenient and happier. At the same time, we want to make our workplace more convenient and happier place for our employees.

M&K PR focuses on platform –
consists of 3P Mindset, 3C Attitude and 3C Core value.

3P Mindset

  • Professionalism for Clients

    Our professionally designed strategies are constantly monitored and modified when necessary. When we execute, we have the driving power to accomplish the mission. Our experts provide the utmost knowledge and experience.

  • Passion for PR

    We want to be the best, and seek to execute each project flawlessly and completely. We constantly drive ourselves to perform better and go further. Dedicated to our clients, we give you a voice and color that helps you build your brand.

  • Pride for M&K PR

    As a PR professional, we’re always so proud of helping clients succeed in their business and communicate their value. In addition, we can develop our capability and our co-worker’s potential ability.

3C Attitude

  • Commitment Attitude

    We’re fully committed to each client, and it shows. We’re responsible and honest, giving you unfiltered information that leads to proper decision making. Our communication is ethical and truthful.
    We work to deliver the most value to our clients, who think of us as their in-house public relations department. We understand our clients’ business better than they know it themselves. We go one step further, analyzing your industry, competition, workforce, customers and the impact that technology has on your success. You will know that you’re in good hands.

  • Curiosity Attitude

    Cultivating curiosity toward people, the world and the universe is one of the most important attitudes to succeed a PR professional. Curiosity is the most consistent predictor of our creativity, our ability to embrace new ideas and our professional success and client’s growth.

  • Can-Do Attitude

    M&K PR applies an entrepreneurial spirit to developing a marketing strategy and PR plans for your company. We make a full commitment to all the projects we take on, applying the most effective and aggressive marketing methods to our PR projects to achieve maximum impact. Our plans and strategies are designed to give you the best ROI.

3C Core Values

  • Credibility

    Relationships are built on trust. We pride ourselves on a strong bond with our clients. We’re there to help our clients steer through stormy waters. We know that our clients need our support and help. We earn your trust.

  • Confidence

    We start our client engagements by doing a thorough SWOT analysis. Based on our extensive experience, we develop a thorough understanding of our clients’ markets and the latest trends. We highlight our clients’ unique strengths and help alleviate vulnerabilities. Execute a full range of cross-border services for our clients, including strategic counseling, web communications, visibility enhancement, road-shows, and pre- and post-IPO communications management. We constantly evolve our communication tools to meet our clients’ changing needs and marketplace dynamics. All clients can tap in and access our brainstorming process.

  • Creativity

    Each of our team members is bursting with creativity and it shows in our work. We use our creativity to bring out your uniqueness. We’re savvy, innovative and daring.


We Are a Dedicated and Reliable PR Company.

Established in 2002, M&K PR has steadily developed along with clients as a dedicated and reliable PR company. We have focused on building a systematic PR system, developing education programs and a working process to more than meet the needs of clients in order to achieve our two goals – success of clients, growth and happiness of our employees. Read More →


We Know What the Best Is and We Make IT Possible

Working as a partner for renowned global companies, M&K PR has continued to build on its expertise in information technology and to expand PR services to global automakers and various B2C brands in Korea. Read More →